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Welcome to The Birthday Box
The Birthday Box is a non-profit organization that provides children in need with an opportunity to blow out candles and make a birthday wish on his or her special day. An entire birthday celebration is assembled, packaged & then delivered in a recycled box. This party in a box, includes a birthday cake, candles, party plates, a birthday present and party decorations.

Our mission is to grant children in need the opportunity to enjoy a birthday celebration. We anonymously deliver a birthday-in-a-box, complete with cake, candles, decorations and a gift - so all children, regardless of their families’ financial status, have the chance to enjoy their special day.

Every year, as we watch our children's faces light up as they blow out the candles on their birthday cake, we know they will remember that moment forever and look forward to next year with the same anticipation and excitement. Having a birthday celebration, blowing out candles on a cake and opening a gift, seems very routine to many of us, but sadly, there are
many children who never experience that joy. The Birthday Box gives struggling families an opportunity to give a birthday party to their child that would not otherwise be possible. This program is a great way to teach our children about those less fortunate who live right in their own community.

We encourage you to become involved with The Birthday Box and help us give a memorable birthday celebration to any child who needs one.



Thanks for your support in 2014! With your help we were able to do all this!

  • Delivered approximately 385 Birthday Boxes
  • Added a new organization to our roster
  • Received an award from the Union County Human Services Commission
  • Had five successful fundraisers
  • Gave two huge "It's Everone's Birthday!" Parties to kids in our program
  • Appeared in Kiwi Magazine, Inside Jersey Magazine, The Suburban News,
  • Got the message out to kids and adults all over the country who helped us give back.
  • THANK YOU!! Looking forward to great 2015.









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